The right suction material

Diaper liners

Even if you hold your baby away, he or she needs a absorbent pad in the hold diaper. Because you don't always notice it in time or your baby doesn't signal so clearly that it has to.
However, the requirements for absorbent inserts are slightly different than those for inserts in standard cloth diapers. Retaining diapers are slimmer and narrower cut, leaving less space for large muslin diapers. You also don't need as much absorbent material as with a normal cloth diaper, because the inserts are usually changed as soon as you notice that they are wet.
Our inserts are specially tailored to the narrow hold-out diapers and are also tailored to the absorbency of the material to hold them out. Diaper-free babies are often able to hold their urine for longer at an early age and therefore pee more at once. The inserts must be thin and yet very absorbent.

It has proven to be a good idea to only put a well-absorbent insert in the holding diapers.
This means nothing slips when you open and close the diaper and changing the inserts is easier than with several thin inserts on top of each other.
However, the combination of our two insoles has proven to be very suitable for the night.