Retaining diapers

Retaining diapers made from pure wool, organic cotton and linen

These beautiful holding diapers are made from high-quality loden made from pure new wool on the inside.
Pure wool diapers are particularly tight when greased and are ideal for the night. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. They are extremely breathable and temperature-regulating.
Even in warmer weather, your child won't sweat in the wool diapers.

Our adjustable holding diapers can now be adapted even more individually to your child.

In addition to the waist belt, which enables finer width adjustment, the length of the leg cutout can be adjusted using an elastic band.
This means you can adjust the length of the diaper bib to suit your child. It is just as suitable for very delicate children as it is for children with strong thighs and a good stomach.
The holding diaper sits on the hips without slipping on the thighs, thus ensuring optimal freedom of movement.
If necessary, very thin absorbent pads can be used throughout the day. But thick, highly absorbent inserts for the night also find enough space in the diaper.
At the same time, she is as thin, slim and inconspicuous as possible.