Windelfreikleidung und Stoffwindeln in zeitlos schönem Design

Deterrent diapers and detainee pants

If you want to enable your baby to eliminate outside of the diaper, our barrier diapers and barrier pants are just the thing. So if you practice elimination communication (ec) or diaper-free, a diaper-free set will make it easier for you to keep it off in everyday life.

The diaper always stays on the baby thanks to the waist belt and can be opened at the front and folded back with just one movement when your baby needs to. You don't have to take off your pants and diaper to expose your baby to the bottom.

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Diaper clothing from Waldfrau

well thought out - sustainable - beautiful

Event clothing for all situations

We have made it our mission to make life with a diaper-free child as easy as possible.

In all areas it must be a matter of course to keep a baby away. We see suitable child-friendly clothing that is comfortable, grows with the child and is easy for parents to handle as a great asset to a diaper-free everyday life with a baby.


Life is a cycle and we are part of it.

Our diaper-free clothing is made exclusively from natural materials. Wool, cotton and linen are the main components of our products.

We see the recycling of existing wool fabrics as part of sustainable business. In addition to the basics of diapers and diaper-free pants, you will also find more and more unique items made from wool fabrics that are already in the clothing cycle and given a new life by us.

As a company, we have set ourselves the goal of continually increasing this proportion.

Long-lasting holding clothing

Every child is different and everyone is different.

This applies to character and, above all, to physique.

We want our event clothing to be comfortable and feel good for your child. It should be easy to adapt to your child and be wearable for a long time.

We have various adjustment options for holding diapers and diaper-free pants that make it possible to find the optimal setting for your child. Elastics in the diaper and pants can be individually adjusted and long roll-up cuffs allow our pants to grow up to three dress sizes.

slow fashion and craftsmanship

We only manufacture almost all of our diaper release items after ordering.

For us as a small, artisan family business, the idea of ​​slow fashion is something completely different. With a few exceptions, we only sew what is ordered.

This avoids overproduction, full warehouses and therefore tied up capacities.

It makes us more flexible in responding to customer requests and allows us to conserve resources.

That's why you have to wait a little longer for your fine diaper-free clothes from us.

But it's worth it - for everyone. Because we are convinced that sustainable and ecological business, far away from mass production, has the future.

Plastic-free shipping

All packages that leave our premises are packaged completely plastic-free.

Everything from the cardboard to the cords to the adhesive labels can be recycled.

The idea of ​​avoiding waste starts with keeping the child away and ends with the sticker on the jar of wool fat, which was attached with milk and can be removed without leaving any residue in warm water. This means you can find another use for the glass.

We consciously avoid unnecessary additions in the package and also use our flyers as a “recipe card” with instructions for greasing the hold-on diapers.

So everything has its use.