Find the right size

We offer you a variety of different products that make your diaper-free life easier.

Depending on the type of clothing or diaper, the sizes vary slightly because the patterns and fits are different.

Here you can find the sizes of the most important products for comparison.

Retaining diapers

The individual sizes not only differ in circumference, but also offer a different volume over the buttocks to accommodate the appropriate insoles.

Size 1 approx. 3 - 6 kg

Abdominal circumference approx. 28 - 40 cm

Size 2 approx. 6-10 kg

Abdominal circumference approx. 32 - 44 cm

Size 3 approx. 10 - 15 kg

Abdominal circumference approx. 37 - 48 cm

Size 4 approx. 14-17 kg

Abdominal circumference approx. 46 - 52 cm

Wool overpants

Size 1 approx. 3 - 6 kg
Size 2 approx. 6 - 10 kg
Size 3 approx. 10 - 14 kg

Size 4 approx. 13 - 17 kg

Hold-up pants & leggings, undies & split pants

The trousers can be grown in several sizes and the existing cuffs can be rolled up.

Size 1
Approximately fits size 56-68
Inside leg length: approx. 25cm

Size 2

Approximately fits size 68-80
Inside leg length approx. 30 cm

Size 3
Approximately fits size 80-92
Inside leg length approx. 35 cm

Size 4
Approximately fits size 92-104
Inside leg length approx. 40 cm

Diaper-free shirts, nightgowns & sweater vests

Our laundry has sizes that grow with you, so you can enjoy it for a long time.
The smallest size specified is the starting size from which the garment fits well and comfortably. How long your child wears it depends on their individual stature.
The long-sleeved shirts have cuffs that can be rolled up so that they grow with you.

Size 1
fits from size 56 to approx. size 68

Size 2

fits from size 68 to approx. size 80

Size 3

fits from size 80 to about 92

Size 4

fits from size 92 to approx. size 104

If you need a very small or larger shirt, please write to us and we will make one for your child.

Sleeping bags

Basic rule of thumb for determining size:

Sleeping bag size = length of child from shoulder to toe +10 cm

Unlike closed sleeping bags, diaper-free sleeping bags can usually be worn for a longer period of time because even when their little feet reach the bottom, they often still fit, as babies often have their legs bent when sleeping and thus pull them back up into the sleeping bag.

Of course, the recommendations depend on the size and stature of the baby.

Sleeping bag length:

Size 1 approx. 62 cm

Size 2 approx. 75 cm

Size 3 approx. 90 cm

Deterrent overall

Gr. 2 - fits plenty from size. 74 to about 86

Total length approx. 78 cm

Body length approx. 41 cm

Sleeve length from shoulder approx. 32 cm

Inside leg length approx. 36 cm

Gr. 3 - fits plenty from size. 86 to approx. 98

Total length approx. 90 cm

Body length approx. 50 cm

Sleeve length from shoulder approx. 37 cm

Inside leg length approx. 39 cm