Folding insert Nicki-Zorb

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Size: small

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Size small
- for the holding diapers in size. 1 & 2
- for wool overpants size. 1 & 2

Size large
- for the holding diapers in size. 2 & 3
- for wool overpants size. 3, 4 and one size

The absolutely super absorbent insert for large amounts of pee.
Excellent for those who pee a lot and of course for the night.

They are made in two layers and are available in two sizes.
Depending on the diaper size, they are cut into thirds lengthwise or crosswise and therefore fit wonderfully into the different hold-up diapers and wool covers.

The upper layer is made of extra-soft, cuddly and absorbent Nicki in the best organic quality.
It absorbs the liquid very quickly. The underlying layer of excellent organic zorb absorbs a huge amount of moisture and holds it in.
The Bio-Zorb is the absorbent further development of the well-known "Zorb" material, which usually consists of polyester blends.
Organic Zorb, on the other hand, is made entirely naturally from bamboo viscose and organic cotton.
Due to the special way it is manufactured, it can absorb and retain an enormous amount of moisture while using little material. Perfect for our holding diapers!
If you are looking for an absorbent pad for the night, this is the one for you. Whether used alone or as a strong booster under a hemp terry cloth insert, the enormous absorbency is impressive. The Nicki-Zorb folding insert is still slim and doesn't add much bulk.

When fanned out, the folding insert can be placed wider in the rear area and thus offers even more protection for larger stores. The fluffy Nicki also holds chairs very well so that as little as possible ends up in the holding diaper or woolen overpants.

Material :
Upper layer Nicki: 100% organic cotton GOTS
Lower layer of organic zorb: 70% viscose, 30% organic cotton

  • Washable at 60°C with heavy-duty detergent
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Spinning up to 1200 rpm
  • Tumble dry on a gentle setting or on a line
  • ironing hot is possible