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Our washable nursing pads made from the best natural materials make breastfeeding even more enjoyable.

We make these highly absorbent nursing pads from soft hemp-cotton fleece, a moisture-proof layer and decorative cotton fabrics.

The outer layer facing the bra is always made of fine, decorative organic cotton.

We use a PUL-coated cotton jersey as an intermediate layer. This significantly reduces the proportion of PUL, as only a thin layer is applied to the jersey. The fabric is soft and flexible, breathable and impermeable to moisture.

On the inside we use a soft fleece made from an organic hemp-cotton blend. This absorbs liquid very well if it is well washed and holds it even under pressure - nothing drips. In relation to its volume, it absorbs an extraordinary amount of moisture and holds it in.

We recommend the hemp-cotton nursing pads for moderate to heavy milk flow. For easy milk flow, please use the absorbent nursing pad made of hemp fleece & cotton.


inner layer: 55% organic cotton, 45% hemp

middle layer: 70% cotton jersey, 30% PUL

outer layer: 100% organic cotton

Size: 11cm

You always receive a pair of nursing pads.

Design placement may differ from product image.

Further information

Wool is naturally self-cleaning and only needs to be washed when it is very dirty.

  • Hand wash or washing machine wool program
  • Use wool detergent (washing machine) or lanolin soap when hand washing
  • Do not use harsh detergents or soaps that attack the wool fibers (e.g. gall or curd soap)!
  • After washing, the wool must be greased with lanolin to maintain its water-repellent effect and to care for the wool fibers and keep them supple
  • Spin only up to 600 rpm
  • not suitable for the dryer
  • do not iron

You can download our care instructions for our holding diapers and wool clothing here:

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