Nursing pads wool & silk

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Color: Dandelion Merino wool/wool-silk

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Our nursing pads made from the best natural materials make breastfeeding even more enjoyable.

We make them from two layers of fine wool fabrics. They are thin, breathable, very gentle on the skin and offer pleasant moisture protection.

The outer layer facing the bra is always made of a fluffy, soft wool fabric or cashmere. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet. Greased with lanolin, the moisture protection is further enhanced.

On the inside we used particularly soft and smooth fabrics. Either a merino interlock or wool-silk jersey is used. Both in organic quality.

This soothes irritated nipples and captures breast milk well without feeling wet. In contrast to nursing pads with a terry cloth-like interior, ours are very comfortable to wear, even when the nipple is under heavy strain, as the material does not press into the delicate skin.

We recommend the wool & silk nursing pads if you have little to moderate milk flow. For strong milk flow, please use the absorbent nursing pad made of hemp fleece & cotton.

Size: 11cm

You always receive a pair of nursing pads.

Further information

Wool is naturally self-cleaning and only needs to be washed when it is very dirty.

  • Hand wash or washing machine wool program
  • Use wool detergent (washing machine) or lanolin soap when hand washing
  • Do not use harsh detergents or soaps that attack the wool fibers (e.g. gall or curd soap)!
  • After washing, the wool must be greased with lanolin to maintain its water-repellent effect and to care for the wool fibers and keep them supple
  • Spin only up to 600 rpm
  • not suitable for the dryer
  • do not iron

You can download our care instructions for our holding diapers and wool clothing here:

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