Snap tabs for holding pants

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style: Snap tabs for linen trousers

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Two snap tabs - attached to the holding trousers.

Since linen pants are worn over the diaper due to their cut, it may be a little tricky to open the diaper. Especially with mobile crawling children, sometimes you can't get to diaper snaps so quickly.

To remedy this, small snap tabs can be attached to the linen trousers. These sit on the front of the pants. Your child wears the holding diaper as normal under the holding pants.

They allow the holding diaper to be attached to the front of the pants and easily gripped under the snap.

This means you don't have to reach under the holding pants to open the holding diaper - closing it is also easier because you can easily create counter pressure.
The snaps are attached so that when they fit correctly, the flap of the retaining diaper extends over the crotch cuff of the pants and so only the insert gets wet.
At the back, the holding diaper sits under the pants as usual.

Matching snaps are always attached to the holding diaper or pants.

Attention : The snap tabs are not suitable for trousers made of knitted fabric (wool, merino or cotton), as the fabrics are not stable enough and the snap tabs could be torn off.