Pure wool fat

for making a lanolin solution for wool care
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You will receive a jar with pure wool grease for re-greasing and caring for the holding diapers, wool overpants and holding pants made of virgin wool and cashmere.

To preserve the best properties of the wool, it should be placed in a lanolin bath after washing. It is also necessary to get the diaper covers tight.

The holding diapers and the wool clothing are washed according to the instructions in the washing machine on the wool cycle or gently by hand. Not hot and do not rub or knead. While still wet, she goes into the lanolin bath.
ATTENTION: Grease dark colors separately. They can also bleed after repeated washing and discolor light-colored items.

This is what you need for a wool grease bath:
- pure wool fat (Adeps Lanae)
- gentle baby shampoo or ecological hand dishwashing or wool detergent
- 1 large cup, teaspoon
- 1 large bucket
- Plate to weigh down

Making the lanolin bath for 1 diaper and a pair of pants:
- Pour 1 level teaspoon of wool fat into a cup of hot water with a splash of hand washing-up liquid or baby shampoo
- Stir vigorously until a milky-white liquid is formed
- fill a bucket with hot water (so that you can just reach in)
- Pour in the emulsion from the cup and stir
- Place the wet wool clothing and/or holding diaper inside and press it together slightly
- Cover well with water and weigh down with a plate

The whole thing should steep for at least 3 hours - preferably overnight. Then squeeze out by hand or spin on a gentle cycle (600 revolutions). Dry lying flat!

100% wool fat (adeps lanae anhydricus)
Mulesing-free & pesticide-free

Large: 150 g (€7/100g)

Sample: 25 g (15.60€/100g)
Corresponds to about two large teaspoons and is therefore sufficient for greasing
2 times 2 wool diapers or
2 x 3 - 4 woolen holding trousers