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Weatherproof and diaper-free on the go.

Our protective overalls are perfect for all those lousy damp, wet, cold and foggy outdoor days.

It is made from the best loden cloth from regional production. It is inherently almost windproof and waterproof . The smooth exterior allows water to roll off and wind has no chance of getting through.

The inside of the loden is pleasantly roughened, which gives it a soft and warming surface.

Loden made from pure new wool is an ideal outdoor fabric: warming, temperature-regulating, highly breathable and absolutely hard-wearing and long-lasting.

Our overall has a stand-up collar, which protects your child from cold wind on the neck. The zipper at the neck is protected with a soft bar. The inside of the collar is lined with soft merino jersey.

The hood is removable. From our point of view and long experience the best option:

  • In car seats, bike racks and strollers, nothing bothers your back or neck
  • no double layer on the head if this is not wanted and the child is wearing a hat
  • The hood does not pull the overall back at the neck and creates cold spots - the collar warms and protects
  • no zipper pulled back at the neck - nothing presses or rubs
  • Safety when climbing - the hood comes off if it gets caught on something, thus preventing the risk of strangulation

The two-way outdoor zipper is also almost waterproof because it is equipped with a PUL layer. So you can have your child sit in wet sand, damp meadows and dewy leaves without worry. It will only become permeable at some point if you sit in puddles for a long time.

This extends to the middle of the back and can be opened from the back and front.

To stop it, you can simply open the zipper, open the stopper diaper and your child can pee. The overall is also very easy to wear with split pants underneath. This variant is very practical and easy to use, especially for children who no longer wear diapers.

Overall, the overall is generously cut and designed primarily for carrying children. Raglan sleeves offer sufficient freedom of movement.

The legs are slightly longer and have warm wool cuffs that are cut so that they can also be pulled over boots.

The cuffs on the sleeves reliably warm little wrists. And when it's really cold, you can simply fold the cuffs over your little hands if you don't want to wear gloves.

So everything is wrapped up nice and warm.

The knees are reinforced for durability.

In autumn and spring, you can wear the overalls over your everyday light clothing. If it is particularly cold, we recommend wearing an extra layer of wool underneath.

100% virgin wool Ökotex 100
Cuffs 97% organic virgin wool, 3% elastane

The overall is a dark mottled moss green with lining in the same color. The cuffs are mottled anthracite.

Gr. 2 - approx. size 74/80

Total length approx. 76 cm
Body length approx. 46 cm
Inside leg length approx. 27 cm (includes plenty of space for squatting when carrying)
Gr. 3 - approx. size 86/92

Total length approx. 85 cm
Body length approx. 52 cm
Inside leg length approx. 37 cm (includes plenty of space for squatting when carrying)

Gr. 4 - approx. size 98/104

Total length approx. 100 cm
Body length approx. 56 cm
Inside leg length approx. 42 cm (includes plenty of space for squatting when carrying)

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Carina Tidden

Unser absoluter Dauerbrenner für Herbst, Winter und Frühling. Jeden Cent wert ;-)

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