Nightdress wool/silk

Fine shirt for the night for your diaper-free child.
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Size: 1

Color: reed

style: short sleeve

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A shirt for all diaper-free nights.

This fine nightgown made of wool and silk is the pajamas for your diaper-free child.
On warm nights it was completely sufficient if she only wore a nightgown and a diaper. The supple material hugs baby's body gently without constricting it. The soft ribbed fabric is finer and lighter than our day shirts and ideal for the night.
It reaches about your child's ankles - depending on the length of their legs, it can also be calf-length. There are no cuffs at the bottom so that you can easily reach the holding diaper and your child has enough freedom of movement. The feet are so free and can touch, feel and move freely and your child can turn better.
You can wear it on your child alone or, in cooler temperatures, wear a sleeping bag or long sweater over it.

What makes it special is the cut on the collar. We worked for a long time to design the opening so that even a large child's head fits through the neckline without any problems and yet the shirt doesn't become larger and baggy. The sophisticated neckline with an asymmetrical cut can be opened completely to the width of the shirt and then tightens again so that everything is well closed at the neck.
It doesn't need any buttons at all.
No more bare shoulders and cool chest.
For very small babies, you can put the shirt on your child completely from underneath. This means nothing is pulled over the sensitive little head. Because of the extremely elastic material, we also made the mini size in the cut of the other shirts without sacrificing comfort.

The fit is close to the body like a bodysuit.

Here we used a ribbed jersey made from the finest wool and silk blend.
It is wonderfully soft and supple, pleasant and the silk content has a soothing effect on the skin.
The nightgowns are wonderfully elastic and cuddly.

About the material:
New wool is inherently self-cleaning and antibacterial. Due to the nature of the fiber, it can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. This is transported away from the body and released into the environment.
This means that odors are easily removed if the wool/silk clothing is hung out in the fresh air overnight. Normally, even for light dirt, a gentle brushing is enough and the shirts are fresh again.
This makes this material so easy to care for.

The shirts are breathable, easy to care for and regulate temperature.

70% virgin wool, 30% silk

Our diaper-free shirts and sweater vests have sizes that grow with you, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

The smallest size specified is the starting size from which the shirt fits well and comfortably. How long your child wears the diaper-free shirt depends on their individual stature.
The long-sleeved shirts have cuffs that can be rolled up so that they grow with you.

Size 1
fits from size 56 to approx. size 68

Size 2

fits from size 68 to approx. size 80

Size 3

fits from size 80 to about 92

If you want a very small shirt in size. 0, please write to us and we will make one for your child.

You can download our care instructions for our holding diapers and wool clothing here:

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