Wool overalls for holding off

Diaper-free overalls with dwarf hood made of soft loden

We finally have a jumpsuit to hold off.

Made of wool, made of a very special wool fabric.

Loden - made from pure new wool

I would like to tell you a little about how we came to use loden and what makes this material so special.

Overalls for small children are usually made from wool. Walk is a knitted wool fabric that easily becomes felted when vigorously agitated in hot water. This makes its surface irregular and slightly bumpy due to the underlying knit. The fulling remains slightly elastic, depending on the thickness of the material and the intensity of the fulling. It is water and wind resistant and quite easy to care for. We also really appreciate this with our outdoor trousers.

Toddler sitting in the forest wearing moss green walking clothing

But for us, a jumpsuit that can be worn from autumn to spring wasn't the right choice.

The material should be denser so as not to allow any wind or rain to pass through and should also be light and allow the child plenty of freedom of movement. Walk is not suitable for these requirements. It would be too thick and solid if you wanted to make it almost windproof. You also wouldn't be able to put an additional layer of clothing underneath.

Based on our many years of experience in sewing children's clothing and testing them in the natural Waldorf kindergarten, we decided to use traditional loden instead of full-length for our overalls.

However, the loden of our diapers and woolen overpants seemed unsuitable for this. Although it is extremely dense, it is far too thin for overalls. We needed a thicker and, above all, very soft loden with exactly the excellent water- and wind-repellent properties we were looking for.

We found what we were looking for with the manufacturer of our diaper cover and are completely convinced.

We chose a moss green cloth loden

This is a heavily felted loden with a high surface weight, woven in a cloth weave. The special thing is that the inside has been roughened. Cloth loden usually has a very smooth, dense surface on both sides. This is the case here with our loden on the outside.

Smooth, water and windproof outside of the moss green cloth loden

This means that moisture and wind have almost no chance of getting through. Water runs off naturally and dirt has no chance to adhere.

The use of such loden fabrics in hunting has a long tradition. Loden clothing has always been used for long periods in nature. Hunters appreciate the water-repellent and warming properties of loden. This wool clothing keeps you warm even during long hours of waiting at the hide.

What we like about our loden is that the back, i.e. the side facing the body, has a roughened surface. On the one hand, this makes it more comfortable for your child to wear because the wool material is so slightly fluffy. On the other hand, it increases the ability to warm the body. A fine air cushion forms in the roughened wool fibers that retains heat and therefore ensures greater comfort.

Soft brushed inside of the warm loden made of pure new wool

But if it's really cold in winter, you can still easily wear a wool cardigan or additional wool trousers without it becoming too thick and uncomfortable.

Hold in the cold season

Of course, our overalls are not only an excellent companion in wind and weather, they also make it very easy to keep your child safe.

The overall is closed in the classic way with a zipper. But this goes through the crotch and only ends in the middle of the back.

Above all, it is important that it can be opened from behind, i.e. from the back. If your child needs to, simply open the zipper from the back so that it can be easily held off.

Coverall with zipper fully open to the back

It's best to dress your child so that the holding diaper is worn over the pants. This way you can easily access the diaper, unbutton it, hold your child back, close the diaper and then close the overalls again. If you want it to be very easy, we will also be offering our hold-down diaper in a version that can be opened on both sides starting in the fall. With this it is possible to open the diaper at the back. This makes holding events on the go even easier and quicker.

Thoughtful details

We paid a lot of attention to the fine and practical details of our diaper-free overalls.

  • The cuffs are made of soft wool knit. Cut a little wider so that they can easily be pulled over boots and there is enough space for trousers with cuffs worn underneath. They stay in good shape thanks to the small amount of elastane. They don't feel damp as quickly when they're wet and they still keep you warm even when they're damp. The hands don't cool down.

warming cuffs made of soft virgin wool on the legs of the diaper-free overalls

  • The zipper is specially designed for outdoor activities. It is almost waterproof thanks to a PUL coating. This means that no moisture gets through when your child sits in the damp sand or plays on the wet meadow. The zipper's teeth face inward, so sand and soil have little chance of getting squeezed between them.

waterproof outdoor zipper on the overalls

  • We decided on a stand-up collar with a separate hood. The collar always reliably warms your child's neck and neck. Overalls with only a hood and no collar tend to slip backwards due to the weight of the hood fabric. It gets tight around the neck - the zipper presses against the throat. And it gets cold at the back - the neck and upper back cool down. Balaclavas or tube scarves often don't help. Another disadvantage of sewn-on hoods is the space in the car seat or stroller. If the hood is not on the head, it hangs annoyingly on the back, presses into the seat or forms a bulge on the neck. Our stand-up collar is the much more comfortable option.

Stand-up collar lined with soft merino jersey, protective bar at the end of the zipper of the diaper-free overalls

  • Button-down hoods are not only practical but also beautiful. We didn't want to miss out on the cute effect of the pointed hoods and they also have significant advantages in windy, wet weather. The cut does not restrict your child's view and the hood fits perfectly on the little head. Inside, like the collar, it is lined with soft merino interlock. And when driving in the car or stroller, it can be easily unbuttoned.

Hood that can be detached from the overalls to keep it in place

  • The overall has a latch on the outside of the upper back for hanging. This means that nothing on the inside of your child's neck crawls or bothers you.

Bar with brand label for hanging on the upper back of the diaper-free overalls

Sizes and cut

You can get our diaper-free overalls in two sizes. It is cut abundantly and grows for a long time.

The cut is designed for baby carriers. This means that the legs are relatively long so that they don't ride up as much when worn. But even if your child is running, the length doesn't bother you. The loden is not as bulky as thicker wool if it compresses the legs a little.

Size 2 - the right size for your crawling child up to walking age. It fits from dress size 68/74 and, depending on your stature, up to 86/92.

Size 3 - it's right if you already have a toddler who explores the world on their own two feet. It fits from dress size 80/86 and, depending on your stature, up to 98/104.



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    Hallo Lydia,

    Dein Lodenoverall hört sich wirklich toll und so durchdacht an. Wir sind auch gerade auf der Suche nach einem Overall für die kommende, kühlere Jahreszeit.
    Wird es auch noch andere Farben geben (Beere, dunkle Rottöne, Beige, Petrol oder Ringelblume/Senf)? Oder gibt es diesen besonderen Loden nur im Jägergrün?

    Viele Grüße


    Posted by Lena Hanf | January 13, 2024
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