Wool overpants “Onesize wool”

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color or pattern: Diamond wool-silk

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The "Onesize" is a size-adjustable pair of wool overpants made of dense and very thin loden, here combined with fine wool fabrics on the outside.
The waist height is adjustable in three ways.
It is the smallest size in terms of waist circumference, corresponding to our size 2 wool overpants, but has a little more volume and therefore holds more absorbent material in this size.
In the maximum setting, they are the same as size 4 wool overpants, but sit a little narrower on the hips because the closure tabs are not quite as wide.
Despite the fold in the smallest setting, it is incredibly slim and hardly noticeable. The loden is extremely thin and makes a small diaper package even with more absorbent material.
The leg cutouts are particularly comfortable for those with fat legs, as the longer elastic leaves more room for tight legs. For slimmer children, the individual sizes might be more appropriate.

It fits from 6 to 17 kg and can therefore be used for the entire changing time after size 1 for newborns. These wool covers are also perfect if you have two diaper changing children at the same time and therefore need to cover different sizes and ages.

The outer fabrics are made of pure new wool.

For the filling of the wool overpants, we recommend choosing the inserts one size larger, as the wool overpants are cut wider and longer in order to hold more absorbent material.