Softterry sleeping bag without arms

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Our popular diaper-free sleeping bag now made from the cuddliest cotton.

Vegan, sustainable and an absolute skin flatterer.

And with our fine sleeping bag you can put your child to bed comfortably without having to forego the comfort of sleeping.
The soft sleeping bag made of soft cotton terry is open at the bottom so you can easily pull it up without having to open buttons or zippers.
There is an elastic band in the waistband, which you can adjust to the length that suits you using a knot. The opening is very variable depending on your needs, either very wide or more closed.
To hold it in, you push the sleeping bag over the hold-out diaper or whatever you use for your baby at night, so you can comfortably let your baby pee without having to take it off. After stopping, you simply pull the sleeping bag down again and everyone can go back to sleep.

The straps are adjustable in length so the sleeping bag grows with you for a while and can be worn up to three clothing sizes. Because it is open at the bottom, your child won't bump into it with their feet and can therefore be worn longer than closed sleeping bags.
It is closed with fine coconut buttons.


You can choose between the lined and unlined version of this fine sleeping bag.

As an unlined , lightweight sleeping bag, it is perfect for the transitional period and warmer nights. The fine, soft French terry is wonderfully elastic and offers your child plenty of freedom of movement. The chest area is lined with a lining made of the same material.

It is made from the best organic cotton and printed with organic colors - beautiful and timeless.

The lined version gives you a cozy sleeping bag for cooler nights. With the matching nightgown it can be worn all year round.

The soft terry is lined with cozy sand-colored cotton nicky. A dream of softness and inviting to snuggle up in.

In the sleeping bag, like under a blanket, a warm layer of air forms around the body, which protects against cooling down. The effect is greater than if your child only wears a nightdress when sleeping, as the distance between the body and the sleeping bag is greater, creating more space for the warm air cushion.

One advantage of this sleeping bag is undoubtedly its washability. If a drop of pee ends up in it every now and then, it can easily be machine washed at 40°C.

And even if you don't stop at night but rather put diapers on your baby and then change them, the sleeping bag is a good way to change a nighttime diaper without much effort. Because it can be pulled up quickly and does not require any fasteners.


Outside: 95% organic cotton, 5% elastane
Lining: 100% organic cotton

Further information

The clothes you put on your baby at night depend primarily on the room temperature and the sleeping situation.
If you prefer a warmer sleeping environment, a thin wool-silk or modal nightgown is sufficient. Even if your baby is close to you and your body heat warms him, this is often enough.

If it is cooler where you are, you can dress your baby in a long-sleeved wool and silk shirt. It can also be bare on the legs or wear a pair of cuffs.

If your baby has a greater need for warmth or sleeps in the extra bed at a distance, you can dress him in a cozy (night) shirt made of pure wool. This is warmer, fluffier and thicker than shirts made from a wool-silk blend and helps maintain a comfortable sleeping environment. Your baby can wear wool cuffs or wool trousers on his legs. Pants made of finer knit or cashmere wool are particularly suitable.
The little feet can still be naked, because your baby regulates the heat more through his body and head. So if his feet are cold and dry, you can put a slightly warmer top on him. However, if they are cold and damp, it may be that they are dressed too warmly and are trying to give off excess heat. Then a thinner shirt is often helpful.

You can download our care instructions for our holding diapers and wool clothing here:

Download now

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Elisabeth Erhardt
Schlafsack softterry

wunderbar kuschelig und praktisch zum abhalten