Wool-silk newborn set

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You start your diaper-free life with your newborn baby.

With this fine set made from the best natural materials, staying away becomes easier from day one.

The set includes a pair of wool-silk trousers. It has soft elastic in the stomach and bottom cuffs, which can also be tightened if necessary. The fine material blend hugs baby's skin and warms it without overheating. Wool has a temperature-regulating effect and can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture without feeling wet.

The matching hold-out diaper has our very thin loden made from merino wool inside. This is absolutely tight and at the same time easy to care for and robust. So if there are stains on it, you can also clean it a little more vigorously by hand washing. In combination with the wool and silk, an excellent newborn diaper is created that grows with you for a long time thanks to its adjustment options.

The fine cap warms baby's head without overheating it. It protects against drafts and releases excess heat into the environment.

The package also includes a set of nursing pads. They have one side made of a fine wool-silk blend and one side made of cozy cashmere knit. This cares for the nipples and reliably absorbs excess milk. The material mix is ​​breathable and after a lanolin bath it offers additional breast care during breastfeeding.


Holding diaper & holding pants size. 1

Bonnet KU approx. 33-39 (wool-silk is very stretchy)


Training trousers: 70% organic virgin wool, 30% silk

Retaining diaper: 85% virgin wool (partly organic), 15% silk

Bonnet: 70% organic virgin wool

Nursing pads: 50% Kachmir, 35% organic virgin wool, 15% silk