Walk trousers in different colors

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Size: 2

Color: Smoke blue

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Your diaper-free child wants to crawl outside and is becoming more and more active; With the hold-off pants made of soft and robust Merinowalk, you can dress him in pants that are comfortable for both of you to hold off on.
The wonderfully soft and skin-friendly walk is made from pure mulesing-free merino wool. Because it is so cozy, most children can wear it directly on the skin.
If it's cooler, put your child in a pair of thin trousers (Kaidangku) or a pair of woolen cuffs underneath.
The knees are double-worked so that children can be worn for longer periods of time and can be used extensively.

The wool does not need to be washed immediately if it gets dirty. It is often enough for damp dirt to dry and then brush out. If the trousers no longer smell fresh, if an oops has landed in them, they will become odorless and clean again by airing them out in the fresh night air.

The cuffs made of warm wool knit are long enough to warm the sensitive stomach and back.
The trousers are breathable, easy to care for and temperature-regulating.

Pants 100% virgin wool,
Cuffs 97% virgin wool, 3% elastane

You can download our care instructions for our holding diapers and wool clothing here:

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